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Fitness Classes Stamford CT

Personal Training, Boot Camp, TRX, Fitness Classes Stamford, CT.

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Client Testimonial

I have been training at The Training Floor for over 6 months.

When I first started I just wanted to get fit. I have seen so much progress that I am taking myself to even higher levels in fitness. I am training with Ray 4 times a week and also taking two spin classes a week. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be to make more time for the gym. My workouts have become a lifestyle. All the excuses over years that I made not to go to the gym has changed into a commitment to get into the gym and train even harder. The Training Floor has changed my life in so many ways.

  • My eating habits are cleaner and now match my fitness commitment.
  • I have so much more energy throughout the day
  • My quality of sleep has changed dramatically
  • Friends and Family now tell me how healthy I look
  • My confidence and self esteem are at an all time high

I want to thank Ray Boyd and The Training Floor. TTF has become my sanctuary. I enjoy being here and would recommend this gym to anyone who wants to make a big change in his or her fitness journey. The staff and the clients are truly amazing. I love this place so much that I also have my wife and daughter exercising here at least twice a week.

Peace and Love to The Training Floor Staff.


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Fitness Classes Stamford CT

The primary origin of The Training Floor spawned from spending several years training in big industrial gyms and finding a void in the big picture. The Training floor of Stamford wanted to offer our clients the true essence of personal training, a more personal side to training that couldn’t happen in a crowded membership gym. The Training Floor of Stamford brings back the personal training and one-on-one service that is often overlooked. We are committed to tending to your personal needs.  [READ MORE….]

Our trainers are hand picked to give you the best workout and fitness classes in Stamford, CT you can possibly have. Kettlebell, TRX, Spinning, Boot Camp and Boxing have become some of our special talents that the trainers at the Stamford Training Floor enjoy teaching clients. Trained in nutrition, body science, all those great things, we put safety first, and your ultimate health next.

All of our trainers are TRX Certified, which we run here at our Stamford gym every four months.


The Training Floor is a private one-on-one studio geared toward all avenues of fitness.  Our recent expansion and newly renovated studio consists of over 4,000 square feet of workout space, offering clients state of the art fitness classes.  In addition to our two large workout areas, we also offer a spin room, locker room, and showers…. [READ MORE….]

Our clients speak for our training facility.  It’s all about you.  Here is one of the recent testimonials.

I have been a member of The Training Floor since November 2010. I had decided, being in my 40’s, that I needed to start taking better care of my body and had the time to finally focus on “me”. I walked in off the street and scheduled a meeting with trainer Cat Heitz, a life changing moment, which has turned into one of the most important relationships in my life. Cat took the time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, be genuinely interested in my over all well being, and with a lot of tough love & butt kicking, I can honestly say I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am able to push myself physically & mentally farther than I ever thought possible and I give full credit to an amazing group of trainers that have become my family.
Niki Stenquist,