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I started working out at The Training Floor about 5 months before my wedding. I met Cat Heitz and after my first session of working out (and butt kicking) with her, I was instantly addicted. Her energy and positive reinforcement are contagious, and she is highly motivating. She transformed me into great shape before my wedding, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I dreaded going to the gym before I started at TTF, and I can honestly say I now look forward to all of the workouts, not only with Cat, but with all the trainers and instructors in the variety of classes here. I could not say enough great things this group of trainers, and what TTF can do for its clients.
Brooke Cognetta,
I was first introduced to Ray, George, and Cat through my field hockey preseason at Darien High School. To say the least, I was intimidated by their determination to make us better athletes. I was scared when I found out the my club team would be going to The Training Floor to work with them again during the winter season... all I could think of was the jumping jacks that we did over the summer. I went to train the first day over the winter season, and immediately fell in love with the uniqueness of the work outs we did, and the keen attention that the trainers gave us. I started to work with Cat soon after we started group training because I loved it so much, and I was really determined to get quicker and be healthier. I've been working with Cat for about 3 months now, and I love it! I look forward to training every day, even if it will be hard. The environment that The Training Floor provides is comfortable, fun, and the trainers are all so nice. I love coming to The Training Floor, and thanks to Cat, Ray, and George, I'm in the best shape of my life!
Claire Dickson,
I have been a member of The Training Floor since November 2010. I had decided, being in my 40’s, that I needed to start taking better care of my body and had the time to finally focus on “me”. I walked in off the street and scheduled a meeting with trainer Cat Heitz, a life changing moment, which has turned into one of the most important relationships in my life. Cat took the time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, be genuinely interested in my over all well being, and with a lot of tough love & butt kicking, I can honestly say I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am able to push myself physically & mentally farther than I ever thought possible and I give full credit to an amazing group of trainers that have become my family.
Niki Stenquist,
I have had the opportunity the last few weeks to take George’s Strength and Agility class which is held on Monday evenings. It’s great!! If you’re looking for a class that really makes you sweat, this is the one for you. George combines a variety of cardio moves with strengthening moves to really make you work. He keeps the members moving throughout the entire class. I brought my 16 year old daughter with me this week, and even she said it was a challenging class. Both of us were sore the next 2 days... which is not always the sign of a good workout! If you haven’t tried George’s class, make the time to do so... it’s a really good workout. And remember, “It’s not how long it takes; it’s how hard you work!!”
Vicki Druehl,
I have been to many gyms and have always found myself to be bored after a short while. But since I have joined the training floor I find myself looking forward to my next session instead of dreading it. Having the one on one training with George keeps me motivated and has taken my workout to a whole new level. I have more energy and strength then ever before. The agility and strength and kettlebell classes with Ray are an added plus. Now I have added the fusion class to my routine can only enhance my workout. Thank you so much for all the great workouts. And for those of you who have been thinking about joining but haven't make the time....DO IT! it is so worth it!
Amy Scaturchio,
Having been a college athlete I thought I would never use a personal trainer since I had been taught so much in college. When I saw trainers at the gym it always looked like they were sticking to standard routines to get their clients in shape. After having my second child I realized that I needed a change and some inspiration in my workouts. Cat has completely changed my view on trainers as she is very attentive and has really made a program for me that always keeps me guessing and targets what I am looking to work on. She also has more energy than anyone I have met, which helps to keep me motivated. Thanks, Trainer Cat Heitz.
Favorite thing about the Training Floor — the uniqueness of the exercises, doing things you wouldn't do in a normal gym or at home. There is no time to get bored.

Favorite thing about my trainer, Cat — her energy and knowledge of exercise and the challenges she presents me with. I like the follow up emails the day after the sessions.

Favorite exercise- All of them — lifting 40 pound tires, learning the kettlebell, the "ladder" obstacle course, plank,walking across the gym "carrying" Cat on a sled.

Sue, age 41,
I started training with Ray two years ago after having my first baby. Since starting there I've improved my strength and agility also I have so much more energy sometimes it amazes me.

I continued training all through my second pregnancy and noticed a huge difference in how I felt during and after that pregnancy as compared to my first, and chasing after a energetic toddler I needed it.

I love working out at The Training Floor because, your not just some lost face in the crowd like at other gyms. When you walk in everyone says hi and during the classes we encourage each other our. But most importantly I am held accountable about sticking to my program, This is the first time since not being involved in organized sports that I have been consistent about my workouts and its because at the Training Floor the trainers expect more out of you and you don't want to disappoint.

Deirdre Breen,
Overall, great experience so far and I am seeing results that I didn't see at home when I was "working out" twice as much.

I love that the training floor offers early classes. Cat is awesome and gets you started at exactly 5:45 in her boot camp. The class is constantly changing and you are always attacking new challenges. Even when you want to give up, Cat gives you that extra push to make you want to go further and try to complete each exercise to the best of your ability. It rocks. I can already see results in my body. I am more toned and I am building my endurance. I don't want to think about what is going to happen in the winter.

What can I say about" The Training Floor" that Tony the Tiger has not already said... "It's Grrreat!" My question to Stamford is, "What took so long?" I have been a client with Ray Boyd for over three years. I can honestly say that since I have been with Ray, I have felt better, my breathing has been better, and I have seen a difference in my weight as well. Since the opening of The Training Floor, I have found the staff to be friendly, courteous, and all of them are concerned that you work hard and look good! To anyone who has ever thought about a Personal Trainer, I would say that this is the place to be to get the one-on-one personal time that you need as you get in shape. Thanks to the best of the best, Ray Boyd, as you help us to get to the next level!
Leroy Ladson,
I've always had a phobia with gyms, preferring to workout on my own. I drove by The Training Floor a couple of times and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! It's not like conventional generic cookie cutter gyms. I was definitely intimidated at first but I started taking Cat's boot camp class in August and got sucked in by all the enthusiasm! So now I'm also taking Ray's kettlebell class (I'm determined to master the Turkish get up without bruises) and George's Strength & Agility class. All the classes are extremely challenging but still a lot of fun. Every class presents a new and different challenge so you're never bored, always surprised. I'm almost always sore — but in a good way! The trainers are all great motivators and incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable. You only get out of it what you put into it and they inspire me to work harder. I also appreciate that there are early morning classes since I work in Manhattan.

I am running my first marathon in December and everyone has been super supportive. My endurance and stamina have improved dramatically and running 12 miles is now my "easy" run, all thanks to Ray, Cat and George. You guys rock!!

I have been working with Ray for almost 9 months and he has completely changed the way I feel about exercise. Ray makes exercise fun. In fact, I don't even mind (too much!) meeting him at 6:00 a.m. to get a workout into my day. With Ray's help and support, I have lost 40 pounds, feel much healthier, and feel much better about the way I look and feel. Working out at the Training Floor is a fun and positive experience and working with Ray has changed my life!
Tracey Hernand,
An unexpected benefit of the classes is my ability to cope with stress and fear. The instructors make sure that I follow the instructions, and established a level of confidence in myself. Even when I think the instructor is not watching, as I am trying to catch my breath, when I least expect it, my name is called to keep going. Yes, they watch your every move! They are all very professional and just a great, fun group of people! Thank you for everything.
Isabelle Avridor, Stamford
I have been training with George for six months and can't say enough about how great he's been to me. George really gets to know you and tries to understand the other factors in your life that can affect your fitness goals. He has given me suggestions on how and when to eat and checks in with me periodically to see how I'm doing. Training just twice a week with George has helped me feel more energetic and to tone up my lower half especially ( I'll finally wear shorts again)! Most importantly, George is understanding when I get frustrated with myself and pushes me to keep working towards my fitness goals.
Aside from putting up with Ray, I like what he has done with the new place. My workouts have been stronger and I am sweating more. I also like the fact that his gym is smaller.
Dora Faugno,