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What’s your health IQ?

Answer these questions and test your health IQ! Answers to come next week! Learn something new everyday!

  1. true or false: Drinking milk will make a cold worse
  2. true or false: Honey can help burns heal
  3. true or false: gargling with salt water will help a sore throat
  4. true or false: women have more “senior moments” than men…
  5. true or false:…but men are less likely to go to the doctor than women
  6. to decrease your chances of catching a cold, avoid which of the following: going outside with wet hair// watching too much tv// sleeping in a draft
  7. being able to touch your toes is a good way to test which of the following: flexibility// blood pressure// risk of heart disease// muscle strength
  8. which of the following foods may reduce cavities? cranberries// cereal// bread
  9. the best source of more energy in the afternoon is which of the following: a cup of green tea// walk around the block// nap
  10. which of these items is likely to be the germiest? kitchen sponge// bathtub drain// remote control// toilet


How many answers can you get correct?? Post your answers on the blog and check in next week to see if you were right! 🙂