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Boot Camp

This class is a dynamic total body workout that combines body weight exercises and calisthenics. The instructor pushes each client at their own pace. The instructor may have class outside or inside. Boot camp is a great cardio blast workout that will help tone your body, increase endurance, and core strength.

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“In my attempt to change up my workout routine to start losing weight, I sought out a personal trainer at the Training Floor. What I’ve found is not just an incredible gifted personal trainer, Cat, but I’ve also found someone whose been able to change my perception about myself. I’ve evolved from a person who measured my success only by the scale, to a person who now measures success¬† by my accomplishments, e.g. running, strength, versatility in workout, etc.”
“The moment I knew my mindset changed was when I told George that I would rather do a burpee than a crab crawl –¬† I strongly dislike burpees.”
Dian Holder