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Online Nutrition and Coaching

The Training Floor fitness facility online programs:

We are a broadly focused fitness lifestyle destination for health and exercise enthusiasts of all levels. The Training Floor combines the most comprehensive original multimedia content and unprecedented profiling and targeting techniques to provide each visitor with an online experience tailored to his or her unique health and fitness needs, interests and aspirations.

The Training Floor’s programs are designed to strategically break down your old bad habits and build better ones. Your fitness journey with us will transform you physically and mentally resulting in a healthier and motivated, thus leading to a healthier lifestyle. No matter if you choose a single plan, three month plan or six months plan, every client is treated the same in regards to time, energy and motivation. Our ultimate goal is to help you become the best possible version of yourself. Dedication and motivation is what we will do for you. The ultimate out come will depend on your commitment.


Do you have questions about the plans below? Need help choosing? Send Ray an email and he can help you

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Online Nutrition:

Phase one meal plan:
Single meal plan design. This plan is a one time meal plan than can be tailored to meet your lifestyle needs and keep you on track with the basic food groups to give you the perfect bust to a healthier eating habits.


3 Month Monthly Meal Plan:
Our three month plan features at least four different meal plans that change every three to four weeks. These meal plans progress your metabolism pushing you deeper int healthier eating habits thus resulting in the ultimate version of yourself.

$160 per month
Paid in Full: $450

Fitness and Bodybuilding Meal Plans:

The Training Floor is luck enough to play host to many fitness competitors and bodybuilders. Our fitness professionals have not only dieted fitness competitors we have also competed and won bodybuilding shows as well.

Hard work and dedication is going to have to be your vehicles to get you on the right track. Our experienced fitness professionals will help lead the way with a winning recipe for nutrition and a thriving level of motivation.

3 Month Show Meal Plan:
For competitors who are in good shape and need to be in great shape. Most people in this category are currently working out , have done shows in the past , or are in really great shape.

$220 per month
Paid in Full: $620

6 month Show Diet:
This Diet is for competitors who have not sone a show in at least a year and need the extra time to condition their bodies to cleaner eating patterns.

$210 per month
Paid in full $1,225



Online-Nutrition-Counseling-awardEating 5-6 meals requires that I eat every 2-3 hours. Therefore, I was no longer snacking or letting my body go into starvation mode. Food became fuel, and George was there to give me delicious ideas for each meal and healthy tips to add flavor. I started to live healthily in April of 2013. Since then, I no longer experience chronic migraines like I used to, or feel lethargic. I am able to be the best possible version of myself. I have learned that what you put into your body is just as important as what you put out in the gym, if not more. I have benefited greatly from this meal plan and I intend to continue this meal plan for the years to come.




If there was one word to describe what I have achieved in the year I have been training at TTF it would be “KNOWLEDGE”.  The lessons I have been taught about training smart, muscle confusion, diet, rest, pushing yourself, and never giving up, have helped me to achieve a leaner, stronger and more fit version of me.  I have been given the tools and support to make a life-long change, because more than the physical, it’s the mental that has benefitted me the most.  I am so much more confident and my stress and anxiety is virtually non-existent.